MenRes Property Management Inc. ("MenRes"), is a private Canadian corporation based in Toronto and was established for the purpose of managing residential condominium apartment buildings.

MenRes is a wholly-owned but separately operated company encompassing the residential condominium property management team of Menkes Developments Ltd.

As part of the Menkes group of companies, MenRes has over sixty years of combined property management and construction experience.

MenRes concentrates in the management of newly built condominium apartment buildings with particular expertise is assisting Boards through the Performance Audit process.

MenRes offers superior service, intimate knowledge of the Condominium Act, and importantly, a thorough and detailed knowledge of building construction, maintenance and repair, which sets MenRes apart from its competitors.

MenRes principals and senior staff are seasoned, industry professionals, many of whom have over twenty years of experience in the industry. It is a fundament core value of MenRes that experience has no equal when it comes to the successful and efficient management of your condominium corporation.

MenRes does not aggressively pursue property management contracts as it is our goal to grow slowly and methodically, ensuring along the way that we have the resources to provide each of our clients with a high level of individualized, professional service. The condominium industry is constantly changing and we want to be flexible and adaptable, to ensure that we can meet your needs day in and day out.

MenRes' primary objective is to relieve you of the burdens of day to day management. Being a Board member is a commitment and a great responsibility. We understand those challenges and we will be there to help you face those challenges, side by side. We have designed our services to ensure a worry-free, smooth operation of your condominium.