At MenRes, we understand that your time and energy are too valuable to be spent on anything other than your primary business activities. We know that you recognize that quality property management services are critical to the operation of your condominium corporation. As part of the management of your property, we perform the following services:

  • regularly inspect the common elements of your property
  • conduct detailed semi-annual physical inspections of the common areas followed by a written report to the Board noting any deficiencies and recommending repairs or capital improvements
  • plan and implement preventative maintenance programs
  • implement energy management programs (where applicable)
  • provide you with cost savings through economies of scale
  • maintain your books and records
  • prepare and issue cheques for payables of the condominium corporation
  • prepare quarterly financial reports for the Board
  • prepare year-end financial statements
  • prepare the annual budget for approval by the Board
  • arrange for an annual audit of financial statements by a chartered professional accountant
  • maximize financial management of the condominium corporation's operating and reserve funds
  • maintain a registry of registered owners and also a registry of mortgages, if requested
  • maintain the corporation's minute book and seal
  • keep a complete set of warranties and guarantees for all work and equipment contracted for or purchased
  • keep a complete set of construction plans, if available
  • enter into maintenance contracts on behalf of the condominium (not in excess of agreed to limits, without prior approval of the Board)
  • arrange for adequate insurance coverage both for the condominium corporation and the board of directors
  • collect outstanding common element condominium charges
  • organize and attend board meetings and annual general meetings
  • investigate and make full written reports of accidents and claims
  • promptly comply with, or contest, requests or orders of governmental bodies and insurance companies as directed by the board
  • apply the Condominium Act to your declaration, by-laws, rules and regulations
  • prepare and distribute newsletters to owners - weekly updates to the Board
  • issue status certificates as requested by prospective purchasers, owners or mortgages


Depending on the specific needs of the condominium corporation, a property manager is appointed to provide advice and guidance to the board of directors.

Our property managers have hands-on experience in the management of condominiums, including, knowledge of building construction, insurance, accounting, condominium law and human relations. With the guidance of the executive management team, your property manager can assist you in the day to day operations of your condominium corporation to ensure that it operates efficiently. An efficient condominium corporation makes for satisfied owners.

Your property manager will make regular inspections of the property. He or she will identify any concerns, evaluate the situation and provide you with recommendations, which will be implemented with your approval. In addition to problem resolution, extensive preventative maintenance functions are reviewed and continuously carried out.

Property managers are all equipped with smart phones. This makes them accessible at all times during business hours and, after business hours, for emergencies. We can be reached at any time 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days of the year by telephone or email. If you cannot reach your property manager, your area manager will also be accessible to the Board.

Your property manager will write and send communiques on a monthly basis to all owners to keep them apprised of condominium matters. Your property manager will also provide a weekly update to the Board. Where required, property managers have a dedicated administrative assistant. This administrative assistant is also available to handle Board members' or owners' requests or problems. This support enables the property manager to respond to your needs promptly and efficiently.